Pellet Mill Roller and Die
play a key role for pellet mill machine which determine the pellets'quality!

pellet mill roller

Pellet mill rollers are the most important parts of making pellets for flat die pellet mill. The material of pellet mill roller parts must be anti-bearable and the roller shells are made of alloy steel. The flat die pellet mill made from GEMCO usually has two pairs of press rollers with bigger capacity of making pellets. The flat die has many pellet holes for extruding material into pellets. The diameter of holes on flat die is 2.5-12mm. Because the flat die pellet mill has two types in design, the press roller has also two types in structure: rotating die press roller and rotating roller

Rollers for Rotating Roller Pellet Mill:

rotating roller design rotating roller for pellet mill
rotating roller for flat die pellet mill

Pellet mill rollers with large diameter make fla die pellet mill high yield, high rate of making pellets, well-distributed pellets with high intensity.  Following are the rotating die rollers design in the flat die pellet mill.

Rollers for Rotating Die Pellet Mill:

rotating die rollers rotating die roller
rotating die roller

The rotating die rollers are connected with a spindle. While there is a hole between the rotating rollers in order to fixed the flat die.