Pellet Mill Roller and Die
play a key role for pellet mill machine which determine the pellets'quality!

pellet mill engine

When it comes to the driven engine, there are different kinds of driven engines for the flat die pellet mill. Generally speaking, the electric powered, diesel powered, gas powered and pto powered are the common engines to the flat die pellet mill. Due to different driven engine, the applications of pellet mill also differ for different customers coming from different regions.

Pellet Mill with Different Engines:

pellet mill with various engines

Electric powered pellet mill is very popular by individual due to low voice and easy operation. The main shaft is placed with heavy load thrust bearing that can bear strong axial force and has long service life. The gearbox adopts high quality alloy steel with hardening dispose and grinded precisely. Electric powered pellet mill is suitable for enough electric power of countries and regions. However, the cost will be high. And there are two types of electric engines.

Electric Powered Pellet Mill

electric powered pellet mill electric powered engine
The electric motor is uncovered by the electric control cabinet.
electric motor with cover
The electric motor is covered by the electric control cabinet

Compared with electric motor, the diesel powered pellet mill is a good option for you. Because you can reduce cost on the energy consumption. And it can move easily and use anywhere you wanted especially the distant area where the electric power is deficiency. So the application of diesel powered pellet mill is extensive. And we can design the diesel engine according to customer's practical needs.

Diesel Powered Pellet Mill

diesel powered pellet mill with diesel engines
The upper diesel engine is our common type.
The under is our customer made diesel engine.

However, the PTO powered pellet mill is design to be driven by a tractor. This type of pellet mill comes with a jack shaft and is jointed with a spline coupling to connect the tractor. So PTO powered pellet mill allows implements energy from the tractor. Therefore, this kind of pellet mill is suitable for the people who own a big farm.

The main parts of PTO powered pellet mill

PTO powered pellet mill PTO shaft
PTO pellet mill with tractor

The gas powered pellet mill is a newly developed types by GEMCO. The speed of pellet mill can be controlled through adjusting the gas engine according to diverse kinds of raw material. Meanwhile, due to compact structure and simple, it is easy to operate.

Gas Powered  Pellet Mill Design:

150Q gas powered pellet mill gasoline engine
Gas Powered Pellet Mill The Gasoline Engine