Pellet Mill Rollers and Dies

Play a key role for pellet mill machine which determine the pellets' quality!
There are so many different types of pellet mills, all manufactured by different manufacturers. As such, pellet mills are therefore made up of different parts, assembled together to make sure that they are working just fine. If you own a pellet mill, one of the things you are required to do is to know what the main pellet mill parts are, so that you can enhance maximum output and increase the lifespan of the machine.
Parts of
As different pellet mills contain different spare parts, a single pellet mill also consist of various parts that will play together to enable the machine to run. Take the flat die pellet mill as an example, rollers and dies should be the most important pellet mill parts.

Item Description Qty
1Round nut1
2Flat Pad1
4 Disc of throwing stuff1
5Dust cover of principal axis1
6Flat key of type A1
7Principal axis1
8Flat key1
9 Tapered Roller Bearings 303091
10Bearing 62081
11Round nut1
12Round nut1
13Big gear seat1
14 Big gear (43)1
15Check Ring for axis1
16Check Ring2
17Pressing Roller2
18Bearing 62052
19Check Ring for Hole2
20Bearing 62052
21Bearing Cover of press roller2
22Hexagon Head Screw8
23Wheel Shaft1
24Spindle Box1
25Gear Box1
26Gear Shaft1
27Tapered Roller Bearings 302071
28Pinion Seat1
29Bearing 62061
30Splined sleeve1
31Castle Nut1
32Cotter Pin1
33Passive Coupling1
34Elastic Cushion1
35Active Coupling1
36Cover of observation window1
37Upper Box body1
Under normal circumstances, the flat roller will be responsible in making sure that the end product is of good quality. This pellet mill part is designed to provide rough surface like environment to the material so that traction can go on well. A flat die pellet press is manufactured with at least two or three flat rollers that operate inside the die. A pellet mill is made up of many pellet mill parts all of which are primary in its function and hence enable the pellet mill to provide admirable pelletizing results. There is the die, the rollers as well as the knives which are pellet mill parts responsible for cutting the pressed pellets to the required sizes. In order to manage pelletizing procedure in terms of die and roll management, the entire theory of operation of the pellet mill should be understood and thus why it is also necessary to understand what is needed in terms of roller sizes, the number, and assembly among other reasons.
As the basic pellet mill parts of this machine, dies are widely used in the process of making wooden pellet. The importance of getting a good die for your pellet pressing machine cannot be overstressed, as the die comprises the basic part of the machine. To flat die pellet mills, the flat dies are their ideal pellet mill part rather than the ring dies. They are available in many different designs such as the fixed die which is equipped with a rotating roller or you can opt for a fixed roller with a rotating die. Consider the choice of your raw material to be used in making the pellets.
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Pellet mill parts manufactured and supplied by our company varies according to different machines and different processing need of raw materials. We dedicate to provide good quality parts to you, so that you won’t worry about the interrupt of your pellets production.
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Do You Know
How to Maintain the Pellet Mill Replacement Parts?

By considering most of the pellet mill parts mentioned above, now you know that the pellet mill has many moving parts. Some parts experience minor problems such as jamming and that tends to directly affect the overall output of the pellet mill. Such jamming can be avoided successfully by ensuring that there is a regular lubrication practice especially on the movable parts of the pellet mill.

When you carry out proper maintenance of pellet mill parts, you will not only be sure of good quality pellets but you will also save a lot of money that you would otherwise have used to buy costly spare parts. Special attention should be given to the roller and the die as they form the basic accessories for the pellet mill.

Make sure to clean the roller and the die regularly.

No accumulation of foreign materials remaining in the space between pellet mill parts is allowed. Good space must be maintained between the die and the roller to reduce friction. Ensure that both the speed of the roller and the die are correctly set to minimize wear and tear.

Make sure to lubricate the machine regularly.

High priority should be accorded to all flat die pellet mill parts that will run in pelletizing by ensuring they are intensely lubricated for ease of movement. The first time you use the flat die pellet mill, you should lubricate the machine sufficiently. Then you can check them and do lubrication every few months to make them work normally.

To pellet mill parts of rollers and dies, before the first time using, you can mix sand, oil, and some other material according certain quotation, then start the machine and put these materials into it. So you can finish the lubrication of roller and die. After this time, you can add some lubrication oil to the machine as the parts need.